CONCERNS - Resources Management System -

CONCERNS - Resources Management System

MYSEPADU CONCERNS is a systems solution to enable enterprises to manage their resources in an integrated and blended environment. The enterprises be it small or large, their working environment can be divided into two main environments – physical and logical.

The Physical environment is the world of which the workers can feel and touch for example Tailgate, Access Control, Time Attendance, Desk and Chair, Computer, Telephone, Signage, Readers, Controllers, Switches and many more.
On the other side, The Logical environment is the application software loaded into the workers desktop computers or smart-phones, connected via networks of networks all around the world. After gaining access to the application, the workers are in fact entering to the new world of which must be friendly enough for them to manoeuvre in order to be able to deliver their job in an effective and efficient manner.

The journey to the CONCERNS begin with our consultant to help the enterprises to perform Workforce Task Analysis (WTA). This will define the integration point to enable our designer to design custom made User Interface (UI) as a staff portal base on the specific workgroup environment.


The CONCERNS as a product begin in 2007, when MYSEPADU Sdn Bhd is looking for the solution to manage their internal workforce that are providing the ICT support and services to various government department partnering with MIMOS Smart Computing Sdn. Bhd. MYSEPADU at the time is in need for the solution that are able to ensure our staff deliver their job on a daily basis. 

Quoted from The EMyth Revisited - Why Most Small Business Don't Work and What to Do About it by Michael E. Gerber.


"How do I get my people to do what I want ?" This is the one question I hear most often from small business owners. And the answer I invariably give them is, "You can't! You can't get your people to do anything. If you want it done", I tell them,"you're going to have to create an environment in which 'doing it' is more important to your people than not 'doing it' well becomes a way of life for them" 

Our persistence to quest for the working environment that are able to make our staff ‘doing it’ by developing an application to integrate the card access system, telephone text messages, personal information to the helpdesk system into a single system that are seamlessly integrated, has delivered a good performance result when our staff has been well accepted in the industry.

Since then we had embarked into the proper R&D on the CONCERNS product for the purpose of continuously improve the product. In the year of 2011 and 2012 we had successfully delivered the solution for the MIDA new building in KL Sentral. We are proud to have MIDA as our first enterprise show case and reference site. The CONCERNS at MIDA Sentral well integrate the Visitor Management, Tailgate management, Card Access Control, Time Attendance, Facility Booking, Assets Management, Digital Signage, CCTV into one blended and integrated working environment.


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