GLOMIF - Global Islamic Financial System -

GLOMIF - Global Islamic Financial System

Partnering with Fine Line Technology, our home grown design and wholly owned system is the proprietary of the company. Hence no royalties or licensing fees are payable to any third party. Given that the design and development of the system is 100 percent Malaysian, we are also proud to state that we enjoy full cooperation and support of the Ministry of Science, Technological And Innovation (MOSTI).


Key Specific Benefits:


  • Improved customer and financing services.
  • Integrated solution and easy interface with third party modules
  • Enhanced risk management tools with the system providing the most up-to-date and online customer credit and financial exposure.
  • Improved staff efficiency and productivity, with the streamlining of financial processes and automated operations.
  • Lower processing cost, with the automation of the complete processes and modules, from transaction recording, calculation of charges, profits and fees exchange, document preparation to accounting entries and reporting generation.


Mission statement to enable niche banking from specialized banks with customized services.


We foresee the future from different perspective, it is not the larger bank becoming larger and become less sensitive, but the smaller banks are the one to serve the community. They will find their way to fill in the vacuum. We are prepared for the inevitable. Our system will be the model for the future small scale banks to serve the community for the benefit of the community.


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