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iBizz - Integrated Business Solution


a Business solution framework that can be extended to support any kind of business processes. Its support latest state-of-the-art technology inclusive of a web base solution. Its come with multiuser and advance security management system. Its seamless integration to the core accounting system module via the advanced "interface engine" feature.


iBizz Accounting is an easy-to-use activity- based accounting system developed by our experts for a typical user. The result is software that can be used by anyone, even those with non-accounting backgrounds. With iBizz Accounting, every accounting routine and every General Ledger transaction are automatically recorded into the database. This auto-record feature is set during the initial installation process.


mySepadu's Cooperative Management System (Coop) is tailor designed to help all Cooperative organizations in Malaysia manage all their business and operation support information in the most effective, efficient and reliable manner at anytime. Coop increases human capital and operation productivity while ensuring excellent customer service.

- Membership Management
- Loan Management (Islamic / Conventional)
- Salary Deduction
- Accounting
- Corporate Web, Auto-Backup & Portal
- Annual General Meeting eRegistration & eVote


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