ILMS - Integrated Learning Management Systems -

ILMS - Integrated Learning Management Systems

ILMS is an acronym for Integrated Learning And Management System which is a fully computerized system to manage Training and Learning Institutions. ILMS comes with 3 modules; Training Institution Management System (TIMS), Online Examination System (OES) and eLearning Framework (ELF). ILMS is customizable which means it can be customized to accommodate any institution.

With ILMS, a Training and Learning Institution can easily manage their organization since almost every function is computerized and supported by ILMS. TIMS in general manages courses, students, lecturers, facilities and class room events. OES is to manage examination and ELF is to support training with self pace learning content which is developed base on eLearning concept.

Together with iBizz which is also a product by Sepadu Komputer, the institution can manage ILMS ledger for any ILMS related account such as students fees and lecturers' allowances online and the journal will be generated and pass to General Ledger.


mySepadu ILMS TIMS

TIMS or Training Institutions Management System in general manages courses, students, lecturers, facilities and class room events. TIMS will handle course administration, such as course scheduling up to the topic details. The courses supported by TIMS are both long and short term courses. TIMS will also handle student applications, confirmation up to the class room registration. The trainers and lectures will also be managed by TIMS and it will handle both courses and trainers evaluation. Statistical and Report is produced for both operational and management level. TIMS is also capable of managing geographically dispersed institutions which means institutions with many centers nationwide, via the implementation of distributed-centralized database architecture.

OES or Online Examination System is a system that is capable of managing examination online. Session Manager is used to generate new assessments and assign assessment properties such as number of question, assessment window time and; create and assign supervisor to assessment. The administrator will also have the capability to view previously generated assessment.

mySepadu ILMS OES

Question editor is where the assigned supervisor used to write the question. The questions can be in the form of survey, objective or subjective. Supervision is where an examination session ticket is being created. The ticket can be generated for group or individual. The Online Examination includes the student registration and the actual examination session.

For the Objective Examination the marks can be delivered online as soon as the examination session is submitted. For the Subjective Examination an examiner will be assigned and the results will be delivered after the examiner complete examine the paper and update it to the OES. For the survey question the analysis can be produced later by the supervisor. eLearning Framework or ELF is a system that is capable to manage an eLearning framework. ELF is a database system that is structured into courses and topics and also keeps track of the location of the eLearning content together with the supporting personnel and its synopsis. The students will be able to search eLearning content according to its synopsis or by selecting course and topic.

mySepadu ILMS ELF

Since ELF is just a framework to manage eLearning content, ELF does not provide mechanisms to develop the content. The eLearning content development which are fully supported by Sepadu Komputer include the imaging process of the books, develop video and audio, develop HTML help or eBook; and develop interactive session using Macromedia eLearning development tools such as dreamweaver and flash. The eLearning support environment that are currently supported by ELF are video conferencing, newsgroup and email.


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