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a Business solution framework that can be extended to support any kind of business processes. Its support latest state-of-the-art technology inclusive of a web base solution. Its come with multiuser and advance security management system. Its seamless integration to the core accounting system module via the advanced "interface engine" feature. Read More >>
Partnering with Fine Line Technology, our home grown design and wholly owned system is the proprietary of the company. Hence no royalties or licensing fees are payable to any third party. Given that the design and development of the system is 100 percent Malaysian, we are also proud to state that we enjoy full cooperation and support of the Ministry of Science, Technological And Innovation (MOSTI).Read More >>
MYSEPADU CONCERNS is a systems solution to enable enterprises to manage their resources in an integrated and blended environment. The enterprises be it small or large, their working environment can be divided into two main environments – physical and logical. Read More >>
The purpose of mySepadu MEDISYS unit is to provide continuous improvement to the systems to fulfill demands in the area of medical from the small GP setup up to the complex Total Hospital Information Systems. Read More >>
ILMS is an acronym for Integrated Learning And Management System which is a fully computerized system to manage Training and Learning Institutions. ILMS comes with 3 modules; Training Institution Management System (TIMS), Online Examination System (OES) and eLearning Framework (ELF). ILMS is customizable which means it can be customized to accommodate any institution. Read More >>


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